1 Mom Thanks Her Son For All the Nights He "Slept in the Library" While She Worked For Her Degree


Graduating from college is an attainment to be proud of no matter what is going on in your life. Jelina Latrice Shep rd grasps this to be especially true, as she has raised her son, Karter, simultaneously throughout her college lifes work. After graduating cum laude with her bachelor’s degree this close by weekend, Shep rd took to Instagram with a heartwarming photo of herself in her graduation cap and gown, squeezing Karter tightly, with a thank-you message to him.

For all those nights you had to sink asleep in the library, for all those times you had to watch cartoons alone because I lacked to do homework, for the early mornings in daycare because I needed to be in class to being the endure one there because I had to work, most importantly for the moments of se ration because I lacked to get this done, thank you.

Read the rest of her touching tribute to Karter in the first place.

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