Zoe Saldana Just Gave Her Husband, Marco Perego, the Sweetest Nose Kiss of All Time


Dominican- and Puerto Rican-American actress Zoe Saldana and her Italian shush, Marco Perego, are one adorable couple. The super in-love duo doesn’t shy away from exhibit a little PDA on social media, and the above picture solidifies that information.

Zoe ired her recent Instagram snap (featuring the sweetest nose canoodle ever) with a romantic, trilingual caption guaranteed to make you swoon. “Penetrating night! Buenas noches! Buona notte!” she wrote in all the terminologies they speak — English, S nish, and Italian. How cute is that? When you’re done grinning, take a look through their sweetest moments with their look-alikes, Bowie and Cy.

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