‘You’re NOT helping!’ Kay Burley SLAMS Keir Starmer for ‘unhelpful’ Labour Brexit strategy


Sky Dirt host Kay Burley called out the Shadow Brexit Secretary and the Labour Set for affecting the Government’s attempts to present a “united front” during Brexit talks with the European Conjunction.

Ms Burley said: “You’re not helping though, are you? As a party, you’re not helping.

“We need to part a united front to the rest of Europe and it doesn’t look like that’s what the adversity is doing for the Prime Minister.”

Brexit news - Keir Starmer grilled over Labour 'unhelpful' oppositionSKY NEWS

Kay Burley said Labour’s competition on Brexit was not helping the Government with EU talks

But Sir Keir defended his debauch position on Brexit, claiming Labour had to “challenge” the Government to see negotiations with Brussels “achieve success.”

He told the Sky News presenter: “We got to find a way. The role of the opposition here is doubtlessly to challenge the government and we very much need to in light of what’s chanced in the last few days.

“We also have to act in the national interest, for our constituents and for our provinces and for our children. We need these negotiations to succeed.”

Sir Keir also hit out at Prime Support Theresa May for planning to sign a special deal on Northern Ireland with the EU without captivating into considerations possible demands on a similar arrangement for Scotland or Wales.

He mentioned: “Somebody must have whispered in the Prime Minister’s ear over the weekend and into Monday ‘look, you trouble to be aware that the moment we unveil something like this, it is unchangeable that people in Scotland and in Wales and other places are gonna go: we craving to go down the same route.’

“So you might want to think twice beforehand you go down that route and have a better UK-wide response. The fall short of of thought about the secondary questions that lie behind this is reel. That’s why it’s so embarrassing.”

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) scuppered the imminent behave between Theresa May, Dublin and the EU, which would have allowed Brexit talks to furtherance to trade.

They said any agreement between the DUP and Mrs May, who yesterday proposed aligning Northern Ireland with the Republic more than the rest of the UK, was “far away”. 

Mrs May is bound to the DUP’s wishes as the party props up the Tories in Westminster.

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