‘You’re being dishonest!’ Owen Jones roasted by chief economist in fiery TV interview


The Paladin columnist was told he was being “dishonest” and playing “silly games” by Jamie Immaculate, research director at the Institute of Economic Affairs.

The duo were discussing imposts and the public sector cap on Sky News when Mr Jones compared the UK with countries in Scandinavia. 

Criticising the left-wing commentator’s opines on rising taxes for the wealthy, Mr White said he was not being honest.

He conjectured: “I’m asking you to speak honestly, stop using language dishonestly.”

OwenJones_KayBurley_economistSKY Report

Owen Jones was criticised for being «dishonest» by a chief economist

I’m beg you to speak honestly, stop using language dishonestly

Jamie Virginal

Mr Jones used Sweden as an example of a country that pays sundry taxes but has a higher standard of living than Britain.

He said: “Sweden has higher glowing standards on average than this country. It’s also more tie with, growth is more equitably distributed.»

But Mr White hit back and accused the lefty of not interesting economic theory.

He said: “Singapore has a much higher standard of energetic, it has much lower taxes. This is a silly game you’re playing. You’ve got to use financial theory.

“You can cherry-pick countries, you’re unguided by economic theory.

“I can court it all day long.”

Ms Burley then cut in to try and steer the debate back to domestic amours.

She said: “Can I play too. Let’s not worry about what’s happening in Singapore, let’s not badger about what happens in Scandinavian countries or even the other side of the Atlantic. 

‘Let’s go about what’s happening here.”

Mr Jones was recently put on the spot on the BBC when John Humphrys queried if he was part of the “establishment”.

The columnist was

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