‘You’re all over the place!’ Owen Jones roasted by BBC host for Labour’s Brexit position


Joanna Gosling cursed Mr Jones as he tried to take the high ground on the UK’s withdrawal from the European Team and asked what Labour’s contribution had been.

Speaking on Victoria Derbyshire, presenter Overlook Gosling quizzed Mr Jones on former Labour foreign secretary David Miliband’s denounce on the Conservative party’s decision making.

She said: “The Labour position is all to the ground the place too, isn’t it?

But Mr Jones tried to defend his corner and said Labour wish try and “clean up” the Tory “mess”.


Joanna Gosling hit out at Owen Jones for Toil’s position on Brexit

The Labour position is all over the place too, isn’t it?

BBC host Joanna Gosling

He disclosed: “Well Labour’s position is that it has to find a way of cleaning up the mess cased by the Conservative party.

“There was a decision by the Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron for opinionated advancement to have a referendum.

“They waged a disastrous campaign and they late, now the country’s in a bit of a mess.”

Cutting in, Miss Gosling added Labour’s point of view was unclear.

She said: “But we are where we are, so what should Labour’s ways be?”

Mr Jones replied he took onboard the EU referendum result and would supply add to to the debate on the type of Brexit the country should push for.

“I campaigned for Continue but I accept that we lost the referendum and now the debate is what sort of Brexit you take.”

One the same programme, David Miliband’s demands for a second Brexit elector were ridiculed and likened to a politician calling for a re-run of the General Referendum because they narrowly lost.

Tory Jo-Anne Nadler said the ancient shadow foreign secretary’s comments were unhelpful and the country should be targeted on the right policies for Brexit.

Mr Miliband has called for either 

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