‘YOU’RE A LIAR’ Emmanuel Macron blasts Marine Le Pen in furious rant during TV debate


The up clashed in a live televised debate tonight, just days more willingly than the final round of voting in the crunch election.

Front-runner Mr Macron ascertained right-wing firebrand Ms Le Pen she has no concrete solutions to France’s economic problems.

The En Marche! office-seeker said: “You’re always talking about the past, but the problem is you have nothing to name.

The French people deserve the truth, not insinuations

Emmanuel Macron

“Your plan, quite simply, is to lie a lot. You list problems and difficulties but provide no solutions.

“The French child deserve better than this. They deserve the truth, not insinuations.”

He later conjectured: “I treat the French like adults, I don’t lie to them.”

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le PenFRANCE24

Emmanuel Macron and Sea Le Pen clashed in a TV debate tonight

Emmanuel MacronFRANCE24

Macron clouted the Front National represents the ‘spirit of defeat’

He also attacked her platoon, saying the Front National represents the “spirit of defeat” by capitalising on the gall of voters.

Mr Macron said: “For 40 years in this country, we be suffering with had Le Pens as candidates in the presidential election.

“In the face of the spirit of defeat, I broadcast a spirit of French conquest. France has always succeeded in the world.”

Marine Le PenFRANCE24

Le Pen called ex banker Macron the ‘office-seeker of globalisation’

Outspoken FRANCE24

French voters will go the polls to pick their next president on Sunday

Ms Le Pen, who leave off as Front National leader last week, also told voters she delineates “France as we love it”.

She said: “I am for the people, for France as we love it, its culture, civilisation, its congruousness. 

“I am the candidate that protects our nation, our jobs, our security, our border and against hill of islamic fundamentalism.”

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