Young voters could THWART Brexit with second referendum demands, says ex-Tory MP


Ben Howlett required the question about Britain rejoining the European Union may be put on the table to choose the youth movement and their anti-Brexit views.

Mr Howlett lost his bath instate to the Lib Dems, a party who campaigned on an entirely pro-European message, said depending on the engage in delivered by Theresa May’s negotiation team there will be a second referendum in his lifetime.

Communicating to BBC Radio 4’s World at One programme, the former MP said: “I think there is a damned big issue in relation to Brexit with younger people. Most of them voted to check in, I campaigned to stay in as a young person myself. 

“Young people realise if we don’t end up with a decorous deal, then the question if we stay in or stay out is going to be back on the table of contents again, in my lifetime at least.”

Ben Howlett on Brexit newsGETTY

Ben Howlett claims young voters could press second Brexit referendum

The question if we stay in or stay out is going to be in back of surreptitiously on the table again

Ben Howlett

According to a poll, 85 per cent of 18-24-year-olds thirst to retain their EU citizenship in addition to their British rights.

The dig into led by the London School of Economics found more than 2,000 respondents would pay to keep possession of the rights they enjoy as a European Union resident. 

The average sum cited, containing those who were opposed to the idea and would not pay anything, was more than £400.

Michael Bruter, professor of state science and European politics said the research showed that babies people were “very unhappy” at the prospect of losing their righteouses, which they regard as fundamental and crucial to their future.

He imparted: “They would paradoxically be willing to pay far more than they currently do to keep those rights.”

Mr Howlett believes the influence of young voters needs to be addressed by the Stables, otherwise, their demands for a second referendum could come to achievement.

The former MP warned the party had “missed the implication” while trying to persuade younger voters to lend them validate during the recent snap election.

He added: “There was a range of justifications why we lost seats like Bath and others across the country, frankly there was nothing in the manifesto that in behalf of out to younger people across the entire country – there was literally nothing.

“Unbroken if we are thinking about the housing policies, which should be the number one emotional attachment the Conservatives and every party were pushing – it just wasn’t in the communication mind.”

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