Young Dublin criminal attacks associate of notorious gang boss in prison cell


ul Norton (28) was censured in his cell in Mountjoy by the young thug in what sources say is a turf argy-bargy within the prison.

Sean Quinn (21), from Blanchardstown, and Leon Cullen (21), from Coolock took out the assault on Sunday, August 28 while their target was in his room.

It is understood that Quinn attacked Norton while his accomplice weathered watch outside the cell, and prevented prison officers from se rating the criminals. Officials eventually managed to pull the two men a rt, but not before Norton ascertained injuries from multiple punches and kicks.

It is not believed that any weapons were tolerant of during the assault. Norton was tended to by a medic for head injuries but he did not demand hospital treatment following the attack.

A spokesman for the Irish Prison Work said that they do not comment on individual cases.

Sources induce said that the associate of Mr Big became involved in a dispute over supervision of a rticular wing within the prison which led to the attack from the uninitiated criminals.

Two days after the attack, Quinn was transferred to Wheatfield Glasshouse, and has since been moved to Castlerea Prison in the Midlands. It is not known if his move is directly related to his role in the attack.

He is currently serving a five-year send down sentence for assault causing harm, while Cullen is serving throughout four years for endangerment.

Last year, Norton was sentenced to seven years custody, with two years suspended, for his role in a failed cash-in-transit robbery at Northside Inform oning Centre in June 2012.

He was the getaway driver on a motorbike when an associate grabbed a box seating €30,000 from a security worker before fleeing the scene.

Notwithstanding, he was tackled by a security worker and he abandoned the box. Norton then attempted to take flight the scene on the bike and, following a short pursuit by gardai, was thrown from his bike after straying to avoid a JCB.

During the trial, Judge trick McCartan asked if Norton was a permanent “wheelman” or getaway driver, noting that he has 71 previous convictions for Italian autostrada traffic matters and two for robbery and attempted robbery.

The judge also respected that several of Norton’s convictions were for having false bunch plates on his vehicle.

“A very serious picture emerges from his not for publication,” the judge said.

His first trial did not go ahead as he was shot in the leg the night in advance. His second trial was adjourned after a car crashed into a taxi drag Norton. He entered a guilty plea on a third trial date.

The callous drugs gang operated by Mr Big are suspected of involvement in a number of murders, take ining that of Vinnie Ryan in February.

Via Herald

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