Young Brit outlines KEY reason Britain MUST get out of EU – ‘We NEED to leave!’


The Briton urged the so-called People’s Vote campaign is “patronising people” while flaw to address the key issues with the European Union. The Channel 4 News discuss was organised to give a voice to the 18 to 20-year-olds who were too young to certify in the 2016 Brexit Referendum. The youngster said: “They have turned to buy people off, especially with things like cheap holidays and they are not talking hither the real issues and about the way our country has gone for the last 40 years.

“Austerity in Greece take advantage ofed by the EU – all of these really important things.”

The young Briton added: “The EU latches us into a neoliberal straitjacket.

“It locks us into a neoliberal economic mannequin and if we make real change in Britain, which is what is needed after what we’ve seen – the performed rejection of the status quo that was the Brexit vote.

“We need to leave.”

Another human being said: “The future is the rest of the world. The European Union is a stagnating curtness as a whole.

“It is extremely protectionist and in the wider world, there is a lot of growth. Let’s look at Africa, for illustration.

“Other countries that look after their own interests, such as China, are initiating billions of pounds in Africa because they know that is where the lump will be int he 21st century.”

Parliament is set to vote on the draft Brexit divorce give out on January 15 – nearly a month after Theresa May first pulled it to evade a defeat in the Commons.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt claimed on Friday that the UK could chance never leaving the EU if Mrs May’s Brexit deal was voted down by MPs next week.

The Unrelated Secretary said a “Brexit paralysis” caused by a failure of the Prime Member attend to’s proposal would make the possibility of not leaving the EU more likely.

He tempted to MPs who have spent months fighting for their “number one top favourite outgrowth” to come together behind a Withdrawal Agreement which is “not perfect” but “broadly delivers Brexit”.

Mr Pursue warned that failure to deliver Brexit would be “incredibly damaging” for the UK and something the state would regret for “many, many generations”.

EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker also sent a wholly warning to Mrs May today and said she shouldn’t “confuse” their recent analyses with negotiations as the Prime Minister attempts to deliver a number of concessions in the lead of the crunch vote on her Brexit deal.

Speaking in Romania, Mr Juncker also demanded MPs to back the controversial deal because a no-deal Brexit would be a “calamity” for the United Kingdom.

He said: “I do not like the prospect of a no-deal, which devise be a disaster for our British friends.

“Every effort needs to be made to decamp sure this important issue is resolved satisfactorily.”

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