You'll Want this Saudi Arabian Princess to Take Off Her Cloak So You Can See Her Gown


In a office full of princes and princesses, how does one stand out? We’d suggest wearing a hide, since that’s how Princess Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz stole the accent. The Saudi Arabian royal and Vogue editor attended the Rose Ball in Monaco in a champagne-colored ball gown and velvet screen. While royals like Beatrice Borromeo and Charlotte Casiraghi welded to dark hues like navy and black, no other guest adopted a piece as lavish as Deena’s. Her fancy cloak draped to the ground and savoured just enough of her dress, without exposing too much skin.

It was the freedom mix of elegance and modesty we’ve come to expect from certain royals, which is why the princess won best put on ones sunday best clad in our eyes. Scroll on to see Princess Deena’s unexpected outfit, then discontinuance out what other royal members wore (hint: there was the whole kits of Chanel) with an appearance by Karl Lagerfeld himself.

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