You’ll NEVER guess which blonde bombshell this adorable child grew up to be


The 40-year-old was bewildered after a throwback clip from her childhood was aired.
Presenter Ellie was editing the area in which she grew up when the broadcaster unveiled a rare video of the manager’s upbringing.
Ellie gushed: “This place is called the Golden Valley and it’s one of my pet places to walk. It’s the quality of light through the beechwood.
“For the last 20 years, artists John and Fiona Owen take made this valley their home.”
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Countryfile presenter Ellie Harrison as a youngster
Countryfile presenter Ellie Harrison
Mon, April 17, 2017
Ellie Harrison: We’ve infatuated a look at the Countryfile presenter and her adventurous, nature-filled life in pictures.


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Ellie Harrison in paints

Countryfile presenter Ellie Harrison reunited with her whilom neighbours
Smock dress! Smock dress? They used to be my neighbours in my survive house! It’s so lovely to see you
Ellie Harrison

Reuniting with her neighbours, Ellie was cock-a-hoop as her childhood memories began to flood back.
She beamed: “Hi John and Fi, how are you both? It’s so large to see you.
“It was years since I last saw you. How long must it have been?”
Fiona then ventilated: “Well you were a little girl in a smock dress. The was my last recollection of you before we moved.”
Countryfile presenter Ellie Harrison reunited with her departed neighbours
Behind the scenes of Countryfile
Mon, October 9, 2017
Countryfile: : Travel the countryside with Ellie Harrison, Anita Rani & Matt Baker.


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Ellie Harrison and the Countryfile body

As Fiona spoke, the BBC broadcast footage of Ellie as a child damage the smock dress.
Ellie couldn’t believe it, gasping: “Smock put on fancy dress! Smock dress?
“They used to be my neighbours in my last house! It’s so satisfying to see you.”
Countryfile continues next Sunday on BBC One at 6pm.
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