You'll Never Guess What Zendaya Was Wearing Under Her Dress Last Night


There’s no disavowing that the most fashionable pieces are sometimes the most uncomfortable: sky-high do a moonlight flits that give you blisters, a dress with a bodice that tones binding, tops that require adjusting and then readjusting entirely the night, etc. It’s a struggle that Zendaya probably knows all too well, since at night the star revealed an unexpected item she was wearing underneath her colorful, cutout rig out.

Lifting up the bottom in a playful Snapchat video, Zendaya showed off a cozy marry of gray basketball shorts. Whether it was an easy way to roll right into bed after the episode — her jamas are already on! — a sneaky way to keep covered, or just something she didn’t think like taking off, it’s a hack we’ll have to consider for our next formal convocation.

See the hilarious clip ahead, then check out the sexy dress she wore to the Grammys after rty. There’s no way she purpose have fit shorts under that one!

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