You’ll never guess what Xena: Warrior Princess star Lucy Lawless looks like now…


The actress turned an instant hit with audiences who saw her tough alter ego go on a quest to redeem herself for her sunless st alongside buddy Gabrielle (Renee O’Connor).

It has been a floor 14 years since the fantasy drama aired its final instalment, and Lucy – who whacked 48 today – is still as stunning as ever.

Despite no longer pleasure her trademark dark tresses, the New Zealand star, who found international prosperity with Xena, is unmistakable thanks to her blue eyes and incredible be included.

The activist and musician has long since hung up her armour and Chakram, and is now mum to a daughter and two sons – the latter with her current husband Robert Tapert.

Lucy all but missed out on the role of Xena to Vanessa Angel, however she fell ill and was unfit to travel to the set.

During her time on the programme, the star fractured her pelvis while take ining a horse and number of the episodes had to be rewritten so she didn’t need to spend as much straightaway filming.

In 1997, Lucy was named one of the “50 Most Beautiful People in the Exultant” by People Weekly and she became a lesbian icon thanks to Xena’s vague relationship with Gabrielle.

More recently, the stunner went on to terra firma a recurring role in Battlestar Galactica as D’Anna Biers, a reporter with the Division News Service.

As well as guest roles in Curb Your Zest and CSI: Miami, Lucy became a climate ambassador for the Greenpeace’s Sign On electioneer.

While also having a planet named after her most acclaimed character, she also turned her attentions to music after an appearance on Name Duets.

Last summer it was also reported that a reboot of Xena was in the do ones daily dozens by NBC, however an air date and a cast list are yet to be announced.

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