You'll Actually LOL at Zoe Saldana's Childhood Shoplifting Story


New York Urban district native Zoe Saldana stopped by The Late Late Show With James Corden on July 19, where she revealed a perfect, err, interesting fact about her childhood: she shoplifted!

Zoe laughed as she and her fellow roomers, Julia Stiles and ul Feig, recounted their mischievous antiquates as city kids. While young Julia stole a com ct reproduction, 7-year-old Zoe’s sticky fingers opted for — drum roll, please — a group of erasers. The good news is, the Dominican- and Puerto Rican-American actress’s scruples took over, and she later returned what she took from her neighborhood grocery assemble. Watch Zoe hilariously tell the story in the clip above, and then see what she have an effected Jimmy Fallon about how she manages being a mom and movie star.

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