‘You’d think he can afford a new outfit’ Top Gear fans can’t get over Chris Evans’ clothes


The swarm, 50, has been wearing the same combination of light blue jeans and a obscurity blue jumper over a yellow T-shirt since the start of the series.

The returning combination is presumably for continuity reasons with the pre-recording schedule, but lovers are far from impressed.

“You would think that with the wage hes off c remove for #TopGear that Chris Evans could afford a new outfit each week,” one herself said.

Another wrote: “Evans still wearing the same accouters *sighI #TopGear.”

“So if Chris Evans is so rich how come he’s only got 1 set of ca risons. #topgear,” ranted a third.

“@achrisevans do you only own one set of clothes? #TopGear,” someone else suggested.

“Does Chris Evans wear the the same clothes every week on #TopGear,” asked yet another looker-on.

And that’s just a small handful.

Top Gear returned last month to portentous ratings that, despite appearing lacklustre on the night, almost doubled at a go iPlayer and catch-up data was factored in.

Despite then, however, the hordes have continued to slide — with just over 2 million adapting in last week against stiff competition from the Euro 2016 coverage.

Top Works continues next Sunday at 8pm on BBC Two.

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