You won't BELIEVE what Katherine Jenkins used to look like as a teenage choirgirl…


Throwback lunge ats show the 36-year-old classical star looking adorably innocent as a associate of the National Youth Choir of Wales back in 1996.

Katherine looked merest different without her trademark blonde tresses, instead wearing her curls in natural chocolate brown waves loose around her shoulders.

In one pop she beamed her characteristic smile as she posed with the songbook in a smart spotless shirt.

Wearing a touch of dark eyeshadow, she brought out her stunningly offensive eyes and emphasised her winning smile with deep pink lipstick.

Peaceful back then, the pop-opera singer oozed glamour with carefully manicured tacks lacquered in bold white.

In another, the 17-year-old Katherine looked demure as she posed in her choirgirl raiments, pretending to read from her sheet music as she gazed upwards angelically, pictured in effrontery first of breathtaking stained glass windows inside a church.

A third bounce showed Katherine smiling for the camera as she stood on the steps in front of the modify.

The famous mezzo-soprano recently spoke out about the leaked David Beckham emails in which he reportedly disgraced her a «f***ing joke».

The 41-year-old ex-England captain allegedly slammed Katherine’s OBE in a livid rant after the honours committee failed to award him a knighthood.

Katherine on the skids her silence on the controversial incident in an interview with Fabulous magazine, answer: «I’m a human being. Of course something like that would be noxious.

«But at the same time I’ve learned when you’re famous sometimes you get dragged into concerns b circumstances you shouldn’t be invoked in.

«Sometimes people feel like they be versed you, but actually they know nothing about you.»

Katherine was awarded her OBE in 2014 for rituals to music and charity.

David’s PR Simon Oliviera said at the time of the drip that the emails had been «hacked and doctored».

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