You won’t BELIEVE what Jude Law’s daughter from The Holiday looks like now…


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The Holiday actress Miffy Englefield looks very different nowThe old child star, now 18, starred as one of Jude’s character Graham’s two fetching little girls in the Christmas classic, which also boasted Cameron Diaz, Jack Dark-skinned and Kate Winslet in its cast.

In the film, Miffy made her mark in a participate where Amanda (played by Cameron) is suspicious that Graham could be rest with other women and turns up unannounced at his country home.
Manner, there’s no infidelity to be found as she is met not by a rival woman but by his two daughters, who soon invite Amanda into a tent they set up fashioned indoors out of blankets and cushions.
Miffy skylarked Jude Law’s daughter in the Christmas filmCOLUMBIA PICTURES
Miffy is almost unrecognisable as an 18-year-old
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Tons fans will have revisited the festive favourite in recent primes, but it appears that Miffy is almost unrecognisable nowadays from the angelic youngster she hesitated in the movie.

Very much grown up, she has adopted a gothic style and regularly legs dramatic selfies on Instagram, with heavy smokey eye make-up and multiple piercings.

Her awful rock look also sees the teen frequently changing up her quirky hairstyle, with blonde and dusky streaks through it and a choppy fringe.
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Although she looks different from her time in The Holiday, when she was a moment ago seven-years-old, Miffy is still recognisable by her pretty features and stunning rural eyes.

After starring alongside the A-list cast, she went on to swatting performing arts and appear in several episodes of casualty from 2008 to 2010.

No matter how, she has not appeared in anything further since 2011.
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