‘You want us to join the euro!’ Tory SLAPS DOWN Labour Remoaner in tetchy Brexit clash


The ex- vice chair of the Conservative party slammed Mary Creagh intending she was arguing the same point for a “good Brexit deal” for the UK as her previous positions for joining the euro.

Discussing UK chemical businesses on Victoria Derbyshire, on the BBC, Ms Creagh whispered: “I want to see a good deal for British jobs, British manufacturers and the British frugality.”

But she was taken to task by Mr Fabricant who criticised her approach to negotiations.

He said: “But weren’t you proving that we should join the euro because you were using positively the same argument about that.

Mary Creagh_Michael FabricantBBC

Michael Fabricant slammed Mary Creagh for her Brexit transaction style

It’s a negotiation and negotiation doesn’t mean saying I agree to entire lot you want

Michael Fabricant

“You’d surrender everything. It’s a negotiation and negotiation doesn’t specify saying I agree to everything you want.” 

Brexit supporting inventor Sir James Dyson has righted it is time for the UK to walk away from the European Union without an compatibility.

Sir James Dyson has said that “the time has come” for the United Area to walk away from the EU without a Brexit deal. 

The sixth round of Brexit talks concluded on Friday with David Davis and Michel Barnier divulging that negotiations were still in the first phase of talks. 

Requiring on The Andrew Marr Show, the founder of the Dyson company, claimed 

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