‘You don’t ask for a REMATCH!’ Piers Morgan’s BRILLIANT put down of Gina Miller


Buttresses Morgan savaged anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller by making a preposterous comparison between the Brexit referendum and a football match. 

Speaking on BBC’s Quiz Time, he said: “Well we’re in Islington here, the heart of Arsenal football league together, my team. 

“We recently got dumped out of the FA cup, in the third round for the first time in over with 20 years and I would like to play the game again. 

“I don’t kidney the result, I would like us to have won, and I would like to have a rematch next Sunday. 

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Quays Morgan let rip at Gina Miller with Brexit football analogy

I don’t mould the result, I would like us to have won, and I would like to have a rematch next Sunday

Jetties Morgan

“Yes, I’d just like to have a rematch because I think -“.

Morgan was cut off by Mrs Miller who piercing out that Piers had argued against Brexit. 

She said: “But Piers in 2014 you alleged in an interview with Gisela Stuart that it was too complicated and not even you, not anyone of us knew what it was all about.”

Morgan interrupted her, saying: “Everyone’s had their say, is I could upstanding finish my point.”

Host David Dimbely said: “Can we just give up the Arsenal analogy now for the rest of the country who may not be so involved in Arsenal.”

Morgan responded that the his analogy was unmistakable, receiving a round of applause from the audience. 

He said: “Well the analogy is bleedingly simple, which is this – you don’t get to replay a football match when you get the result you don’t go for.

“And you don’t get to replay a referendum when you don’t get the result you like. 

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