‘You did not allow us to do that!’ Liam Fox STUNS Labour MP with THIS brilliant point


The Employees MP claimed Mr Fox’s negotiations with the US over Donald Trump’s sanctions on European bite the bullet and aluminium were not enough to guarantee post-Brexit export security. 

But the cardinal Cabinet Brexiteer hit back reminding the Labour MP it is because of an amendment to the Brexit pecker supported by the Labour party the UK will not be able to fully negotiate new barter agreements until the end of the transitional period.

He said: “When it comes to guardianship post-EU we will have our own trade remedy measures.

“But of course the Virtuous Lady, like the party opposed, voted against us being superior to establish those trade links when that legislation approached to the House.”

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Brexit news: Liam Fox reminds Labour MP Madeleine Moon UK can’t slug trade deals until end of 2020

The amendment, which added to the list of worsts for Theresa May’s Government on Brexit, made sure that the UK would not be clever to strike nor negotiate new trade deals with non-EU countries until after the end of the transitional space whilst having to adhere to all EU rules without retaining a veto beyond them.

Britain will have to abide by the current EU trade see ti during the transition period and will be able to hold trade talks equipped they will not strike agreements until January 1, 2021.

Earlier in April, Dr Fox claimed he hoped to arrange as many as 40 of the EU’s current agreements in place for Britain’s use by the time transformation is over.

He said: “We will have arrangements that we will be accomplished to roll over from the European Union’s agreements, we hope to procure around 40 of those.

The Honourable Lady like the party countered voted against us being able to establish new trade deals

Liam Fox

“We foresee we will have all of those in place by the time we go.”

Those 40 deals will cover about 70 countries, with the International Trade Trust in hopeful to have them all fully rolled over “because they are heights of what we have at the moment”.

But Britain able to break past EU switch barriers, Dr Fox told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme he wants the UK to take usefulness of “being able to negotiate beyond the European Union’s borders”.

He said: “We’ve got 14 persuading groups in place with 21 countries at the present time, I’d trust to make as much progress as possible because we need to have a cool and optimistic agenda for Britain’s future.»

The Brexit constraint on new trade concurrences led Dr Fox to issue a stark warning to Theresa May about potentially extending the metastasis.

The International Trade Secretary warned the Prime Minister he would tread out of the Cabinet if she attempted to extend the Brexit transition.

He said he’d refuse to break weighing down on a lengthening of the current period, insisting it is not what he or the people want to see upon.

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