‘You can’t have a veto!’ Tory Whittingdale shuts SNP MP down over Scottish Brexit vote


On Tuesday the Scottish Parliament obsolescent a motion stating it does not consent to the UK Government’s EU Withdrawal Bill.

Brexit backup Conservative MP John Whittingdale criticised MP Kirsty Blackman after the SNP representative claimed Scotland did not “trust” Westminster.

Ms Blackman said: “The Scottish Parliament has been sponsored in to deal with issues like food standards, that is a job of the Scottish Parliament.

“The way these frameworks are done should be in a way the Scottish Parliament in reality consents.

John Whittingdale and Kirsty BlackmanSKYNEWS•BBC

Brexit news: John Whittingdale criticised Kirsty Blackman after the ballot in Scotland on Tuesday

“Actually Westminster has not served Scotland well in terms of some of these gizmos, in terms of the Commons Fisheries Policy, for example, the way the UK Government has dealt with that.

“It has not endured up for Scotland’s interests, so therefore I can understand why people don’t trust the UK Government would put Scotland’s non-objectives at the forefront of making these UK wide frameworks.”

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Subsist, the Tory MP quickly replied: “The Commons Fisheries Policy hasn’t completed any fishing industry in Britain well and one of the advantages of coming out is we will be masterly to determine our own.

“These are areas where obviously the Scottish Parliament when one pleases have a say but we cannot allow one part of the United Kingdom to have a rule out over UK wide policies.

We cannot allow one part of the United Domain to have a veto over UK wide policies

John Whittingdale

“The Administration has been very clear that these have to be determined by the Oversight in Westminster.”

The Conservative Party MP was then asked about backbenchers contain over Theresa May in regards to Britain’s future customs relationship with the EU.

Mr Whittingdale replied: “Unmistakeably MPs will reach they own view. But all Conservative MPs and indeed the Labour Coalition fought an election on a manifesto which made it quite plain that we would not abide in a customs union.

“The whole objectives for leaving the European Union which are far the right to set our own regulations, to strike our own trade agreements are not possible if we stay in the customs compatibility.”

MSPs voted against the legislation by 93 chooses to 30, with the Scottish nationalists backed by Liberal Democrats and Labour. Temperate MPs supported the Bill.

Although Scottish Parliament does not have a vetoing over the Bill, the refusal of consent creates more issues for Prime Vicar Theresa May, as Westminster has never been forced to overrule Holyrood on the eve of.

Scottish Government ministers fear the legislation, as it currently stands, could see Holyrood’s powers constrained for up to seven years after the UK cease the EU and are calling for changes before they will give it the go ahead.

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