'You are the cause' EU’s bizarre attack on Eurosceptic parties over mass Aleppo killings


Belgian senator Guy Verhofstadt said it was “cynical” that Eurosceptic rties put the Syrian squabble on the agenda, suggesting that Aleppo was “liberated”.

Mr Verhofstadt, who is the President of the Affinity of Liberals & Democrats for Europe, claimed the actions of Ukip and other Eurosceptic raves was “without good intentions” regarding the conflict in Aleppo.

The furious MEP pressed his rage at the killings in Aleppo where thousands of civilians are being enchanted up in the battle between Assad’s government forces and rebels.

Despite a enormousness evacuation underway in rts of eastern Aleppo, Mr Verhofstadt explained that it was a misjudgement to think that the city had been freed.

He said: “Thousands of being, men, women and children all killed by those who you are supporting for the moment: Russian airplanes, the troops of Assad.

“You are the about for what is happening at the moment.”

The fuming MEP also targeted France’s Civil Front rty, as well as other Eurosceptic rties in European rliament.

In retort to the MEP’s demand for an EU army and a more active role in current affairs to stopover atrocities such as the current situation in Syria, Nigel Farage hit insidiously a overcome.

Former Ukip leader Mr Farage clashed with the MEP, who is also a Brexit agent for the European Union, arguing that if the EU did create an army then it intent be a “threat to Nato” and warned of the consequences of the European body getting complex in foreign wars.

He said: “It was Tony Blair who first really distraught me about this project when he said the rationale for the EU today is not dovish, it is about power.

“We have already seen that power agitated in terms of foreign policy in the Ukraine where we have provoked Russia and we indeed got rid of a democratically elected leader.”

Mr Verhofstadt finished by sending a threat, foretoken government leaders across Europe to take the European rliament’s rt in Brexit negotiations seriously.

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