“Yoda” the serial sex beast is back on the streets


Sicko Anthony Goodman’s scoundrel record is so bad that a court previously ordered that he has to notify g-men before he gets on a public bus service.

But he walked free this week after a judge rapped him to time already served while awaiting trial.

Described as looking disposed to “Yoda”, the character from the Stars Wars movies, there is, anyway, little to like about Goodman.

As well as his nine sexual breaches he has notched up a total of 200 convictions – including buggery with an coarse, sacrilege, theft and burglaries. This week the pervert walked casual from prison after being held on remand since 2015, when he was withed taking unauthorised bus trips from Dublin.

At a hearing in Dublin Tour Court he was given a sentence backdated to his arrest and afterwards taken to Mountjoy Big house, where he was released.

The 72-year-old is now in the care of homeless services, according to Sunday Out of sight sources. During this week’s court case it was heard that in June 2012 an straighten out was made at Cork Circuit Criminal Court that meant he had to assign two hours notice before taking a bus.

Goodman admitted breaching the pecking order after boarding buses in Dublin in August and June 2015 to Enniskerry.

Gardaí were on the qui vived to Goodman’s presence on the bus in August 2015 by a woman who made a complaint to Gardaí and stretched them a detailed description of Goodman.

On the second occasion a Garda inspector saw Goodman get on the bus and later guaranteed he had not alerted officers.

He was arrested over these offences on September 3, 2015, and has continued in custody until this week.

Gardaí gave evidence that Goodman has fitting come off the sex offenders register on June 29, after being on it for five years.

It was augmented that Goodman has over 200 previous convictions, which steady old-fashioned back to the 1980s, and involve incidents in both Ireland and the U.K. Four one-time convictions include travelling on public transport without prior notification to Gardaí.

This week Jurist Elma Sheahan backdated a sentence of two-and-a-half years to September 2015, when he discussed into custody, and suspended the final eight months.

Judge Sheahan conjectured she was structuring her sentence so that the accused would be released that day.

In defiance of his diminutive size, Goodman has launched foul-mouthed tirades when thitherto arrested. In one incident in 2014 after being charged, he retorted: “I require to plead guilty to that today. I would rather be in f***ing Beirut. And you are all infect, you know that, don’t you.”

Later that year Goodman was charged over entering a nursery school in Cork.

It was one of six schools he was specifically banned from visiting. On another gala he was arrested after he entered the ladies dressing rooms at the University of Limerick humours arena.

Back in 2004 he as jailed for threatening to kill a GP who refused to think him as a patient and threatening to kill a woman stopped at traffic lights.

In 2000 he got a Nautical brig sentence for sexually assaulting a bank executive in Dublin and in 1997 he divulged sexually assaulting a 20-year-old woman, for which he got four years.

Nicola Tallant & Eamon Dillon 

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