‘X-RATED VERSION OF PROJECT FEAR’: Secret plan to get Brexit deal through Commons EXPOSED


The strategy to sell a potential Brexit deal to the public was discovered by BBC political editor-in-chief Laura Kuenssberg who shared the revelation on the Brexitcast podcast.

Ms Kuenssberg explained: “The bit that I found particularly interesting was how they may have already decisive who will lead which bits of the debates in Parliament and on which primes.

“So it’s mainly about the UK choreography; how they would roll out business brace, how they would have this overwhelming head of steam structure at home, to make MPs say it was almost impossible for them to do anything other than voter for it.

“You know, X-Rated version of Project Fear.”

BBC Europe editor Katya Adler resolved there were “leaked notes we had this week which spelled out how the supervision plans to sell the deal to a grateful nation and get it through parliament.”

The message comes amidst claims Theresa May will rush through a attend to in Parliament as soon as she returns from Brussels in order to give Brexiteers less one of these days to scrutinise it.

John Springford, Deputy Director of Centre for European Renovation, said: “Time is going to force her hand. She will have to put something anterior to Parliament and the deadline is thought to be January the 20th.

“The big problem that she faces is she can try to soften the whole and bring everyone together with some fudge.

“But the longer the stretch of time between striking a deal and having the parliamentary vote, the more appropriate people are going to scrutinise this deal and it might go all wrong.

“So I call to mind a consider she’s probably going to have the parliamentary vote and the deal being struck exceptionally close together.”

The revelation comes as European officials have indicated Mrs May has been offered a significant number of concessions in order to help her win the sustenance of Cabinet to conclude the Brexit withdrawal deal.

The Prime Minister closed Brexit victories on governance and the Irish backstop during her negotiations with Brussels, go together to one senior EU diplomat familiar with the talks.

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