X Factor 2017: Nicole Scherzinger BREAKS DOWN in heartbreaking scenes ‘Why are you crying?


The 39-year-old adjudicator was left fighting back tears as the 19-year-old contestant from County Durham declared her life story and performed a moving ballad.

The teenager revealed that as she was took, she wanted to dedicate the song to her mother and father.

She said: “They’ve done entire lot for me, they’ve made sure I’ve had the best life possible.”

Performing Luther Vandross excellent Dance With My Father, it wasn’t long until the panel were blubbering away.

The X Factor 2017 Simon Cowell shocked as Nicole Scherzinger breaks down ‘Why are you crying?’ITV

The X Consideration 2017: Simon Cowell shocked as Nicole Scherzinger breaks down ‘Why are you puling?’

Why are you crying?

Simon Cowell

Deeply seized by the special rendition, Nicole tried hard to compose herself in advance of bursting into tears.

Once the performance was finished, a teary Nicole gushed: “I ethical wanted to say thank you for that. I feel like… I don’t know if I’m the only ardent one here?

“I’m crying like a baby. Like, you always give such an square performance and I feel like whenever you sing you just take us somewhere else and you’re due so truthful. You’re just the real thing!”

Simon Cowell then ambled to his co-judge and asked: “Why are you crying?”

Wiping away her tears, Nicole legitimatized: “I just… I don’t know? Every time she sings it’s like you go through it with her.

“She tells the truth. There is nothing contrived. I just… I love her.”

Louis Walsh added: “She even-handed wants somebody to believe in her.»

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