X Factor 2017: Dermot O’Leary forced to intervene as singer CHEATS in chaotic bootcamp


It is in the long run bootcamp and now that the audition stages are over, the competition really activates up. 

The first task of the gruelling round sees contestants tackle the Collapse of Songs and as the teaser for the upcoming episode shows, it gets chaotic. 

Dermot, 44, discloses: “There are 35 songs on that wall, each song has four visiting-cards. 

“Pick one song. You have to find three other people who are warbling the same song… Song choice is everything,” he insisted. 

Dermot O'LearyITV

Dermot insisted that participants only picked one song from the wall

Dermot O'LearyITV

However, the host was jolted to find one with multiple songs

That is not the idea, you pick one!

Dermot O’Leary

After he blew a horn, the collect of hopefuls charged towards the wall, hoping to get a song of their hallucinates. 

However, one singer grabbed way more than she was supposed to and it was up to Dermot to aver her off about it. 

He demanded to know how she came to have five cards when he averred each contestant only took one. 

“That is not the idea, you pick one!” the X Aspect stalwart yelled. 

This follows last week’s noticeable instalment of the ITV talent show which saw Simon Cowell and Nicole Scherzinger suffer not one but two car forces. 

The mischievous pair tried to take a golf buggy into a against but it was just too big and ended up smashing into the store’s metal detecters. 

The X Representative continues tonight on ITV at 8pm. 

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