X Factor 2016: Security drastically ramped up after Honey G stage invasion


The affair was later revealed to have been a stunt by a group of self-dubbed online pranksters, heard Trollstation.

Founding member Daniel Jarvis posted a video of the prank to his unrestricted Facebook account from the studios.

The X Factor bosses have solemn word of honoured to stop anything similar happening again by beefing up their protection arrangements.

“After what happened last night, at the bottom of every distinct stairwell there were two big, burly security guards staring into the audience,” a display insider told The Mirror.

Express.co.uk has contacted a representative for The X Factor almost this report.

The invasion occurred just as Honey G was finishing her playing with the pranksters storming the stage from the audience.

One of the invaders usurped the “North Weezy” rapper by the shoulder and stole her microphone.

The cameras lickety-split cut away before more drama unfolded and the judging nel elicited for reinforcements.

Simon Cowell left his seat to ensure the star was unharmed up front security bundled the pranksters away.

Honey G was later sent emphasize the following night after finding herself in the bottom two with 5 After Midnight.

Reveal to Lorraine Kelly the day after her elimination, the 35-year-old said: “I kind of get like I went out with a bang. I felt like I gave it my all, so I over I’ve gone out on a positive note.”

The X Factor continues next Saturday on ITV at 8pm.

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