WW3 WARNING: Kim Jong-Un could launch attack within MONTHS to test Donald Trump, US claims


Commander of the Eighth Army Thomas Vandal to be decided disagreed the chilling warning on Tuesday, claiming the secretive regime led by brutal absolute ruler Kim Jong-Un could launch an assault within two months of Donald Trump rtici te ining the White House.

He said the Communist regime could seek to analysis the waters of the outspoken billionaire’s presidency.

The military brass theorised the browbeat leader could raise military tension to provoke a response from the US, as old indications suggest a new direction in foreign policy, and they are unsure of what Trump’s view will be towards Pyongyang.

US Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, previously predicted: “North Korea is seeking to perfect its nuclear weapons and their transportation vehicles so they can hold the region and the world hostage under risk of nuclear strike.

“We will take additional significant steps, tabulating new sanctions to demonstrate to North Korea that there are consequences to its criminal and dangerous actions.”

And recently the barbaric leader said the international community should target on America’s human rights abuses instead of his own – ignoring his own brutal gulags.

Gen Vandal added that Pyongyang could also look to capitalise on the instability in surrounding South Korea, after president rk Geun-hye became embroiled in a factional scandal.

The president could be impeached after she and her close confidante were embroiled in an misappropriation row, with members of the opposition filing pers in an attempt to remove her from power.

Gen Vandal acicular towards North Korea’s history of launching offensives during change of power in both Seoul and Washington, with the possibility both may cook at the same time.

But he reaffirmed both the US’ and South Korea’s military faculties to repel any antagonisation from the the secretive state – including the use of submarine-launched ballistic guided missiles.

In August the plump leader fired one such missile towards Ja n, which go roughly 311 miles, a sign of their improving ca bilities.

The regulation has been rticularly active in recent months, with several atomic tests conducted in flagrant defiance of the UN.

It conducted its fourth nuclear investigation in January, when it announced the successful test of a hydrogen bomb in January, much to the animosity of the international community.

This was followed in March by the shock announcement that they had sired a nuclear warhead small enough to be mounted on a ballistic missile.

In a disclosure Pyongyang said it could now produce “at will, and as many as it wants, a contrast of smaller, lighter and diversified nuclear warheads of higher strike power”.

The UN tricked to impose further and deeper sanctions, which was ssed by a 15-mem

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