Would you eat BASIL chocolate? Sweet treat trends revealed


And now the new natures for 2016 have been announced.

Last year saw an explosion in the vogue of salted caramel with chocolates, ice-creams and desserts made from the sapor.

Now chocolate experts are predicting basil, green tea and marshmallow are set to be the next big device in the chocolate world.

Melissa O’Donnell, new product development manager at Lily O’Brien’s, pronounced: “We’ve had great fun experimenting with ingredients like basil and bergamot to sire new taste sensations for the UK consumer this year.

“By combining on-trend ingredients with outstanding flavours, like our new Peppermint Crunch bar with a twist of Basil, you usher in consumers to something they are excited to discover.

“We have also hardened other flavours in our new luxury chocolate bars range including Dulce du Leche and Himalayan Sea Sea salt.

«Other exciting flavours we’re becoming increasingly aware of are marshmallow, new tea, lotus flower, chai, dragon fruit and even red wine.

«Chocolate consumption looks are also changing — rather than eating lower quality chocolate multifarious regularly, many people are eating clean or healthily throughout the week, but take advantage ofing a treat or two at the weekend.

“Because of this, they are opting for really great in extent quality, luxury options that can be truly savoured as they calm down and unwind with friends and family.»

Lily O’Brien’s is a luxury Irish chocolate impresario, and Melissa and her team have studied the psychology behind the changing tastebuds of British and Irish consumers.

Talk overing the more adventurous trends in chocolate consumption, com ny founder Mary Ann O’Brien said: “Consumers nowadays are also larger travelled, more sophisticated and increasingly open to trying new flavour confederations and experiencing something unique and exciting even in the comfort of their own domestic.

“In addition, when it comes to the psychology of gifting, we know that prizes say as much about the giver as the recipient.

“For this reason, consumers are seeking out myriad special gifts which help reinforce relationships.

“Time-poor consumers are wherefore looking for super-premium products and gifts they can conveniently purchase in their munici l supermarkets and de rtment stores.

“More and more brands, like Lily O’Brien’s, are imagining higher tier products to meet this demand and this wishes ultimately deliver more exciting and a more diverse range of upshot offerings on retail shelves.”

The new chocolate flavours come as one chef displayed the top ten cooking skills everyone should know.

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