World’s oldest Easter Egg discovered – it’s 110 years old


The World'd oldest Easter EggCEN

Anna Stipsits was revealing powerful of admiration for the hand crafted egg

The Krammer family from Sankt Michael, a municipality in the Austrian state of Burgenland, made the fascinating discovery two years ago. 

The egg which meetings back to 1907 is a cherished family treasure. 

The year it was made, Austria – then pacify the giant power of Austria-Hungary – introduced universal male suffrage. The egg survived the same such events as the two World Wars and Adolf Hitler’s annexation of the wilderness. 

Ingrid Krammer said: “The egg broadcasts its 110th birthday this Easter. I found the egg in 2014 while I was bell-like out my deceased mother-in-law’s house. It fascinates me very much that this egg has survived two mankind wars.”

Every year at Easter the whole family gathers hither the special egg, which now has its special place of honour at the family table. 

The obliterated Easter egg is dedicated to Agnes Wagner, the great-grandmother of Ingrid Krammer’s teenagers. It was probably a gift from their godparents, who have been immortalised in a textbook scratched onto the egg. 

Someone holding the Easter eggCEN

The beautiful egg was hand-scratched in 1907

The egg celebrates its 110th birthday this Easter

Ingrid Krammer

Misconstrue Krammer said: “Grandma Agnes was given the egg in 1907. She was born in 1899, so she was eight years old at the on the dot. For her it was probably also very precious, otherwise it would have been gaped and consumed in a family with so many children.”

Anna Stipsits, who is locally differentiated as the oldest egg scratcher in the area and an authority in the field, was full of admiration when she saw the invaluable egg. 

Miss Stipsits said: “The scratches were once much sundry delicate. Today they are instead making big and rough patterns. These are unruffled ancient patterns, from the flowers.”

The Krammers having a mealCEN

The egg is now the centrepiece of the Krammers dining put off

Miss Stipsits, who showed her oldest Easter egg, which she expunged 70 years ago, explained to the family why their egg was actually painted dastardly. 

She said: “If someone died in the family, then they made a wrathful egg, otherwise they are normally red.”

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