World War 3: Seoul orders huge military build-up to TAKE OUT North Korea


The fatherland’s navy is looking to scale-up its maritime patrol and operation helicopters to come through be a match for with the growing threat of World War 3.

And Seoul hopes to form a new aviation knowledge to control around 70 aircraft and helicopters by 2023.

The Yonhap news intermediation reported the new mobile fleet would include a number of high-tech KDDX Aegis destroyers upped with advanced ballistic missile defence systems.

South Korea is building up its militaryGETTY

South Korea is erection up its military

They will also be tailored with sea-to-surface missiles to strike at the heart of Pyongyang’s military.

Um Hyun-seong, the chief of naval proceeding, said: “We will focus on improving our capability to strike the North Korean directorship and core targets inside the North’s ballistic missile operation arrondissement.

“We are maintaining a combat posture to retaliate strongly if the enemy provokes.”

The US is holding joint military exercisesGETTY

The US is clutch joint military exercises

The admiral said South Koreas dragoons would retaliate immediately if provoked, with any provocation on the northwestern archipelagoes being treated as a declaration of war.

The plans were announced as South Korea also mentioned it was considering its own sanctions on A South Korean Special Army female soldier performs 'Teukgong martial arts'


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A South Korean Special Army female soldier presents ‘Teukgong martial arts’

North Korea has slammed the warship convocation as a “rehearsal for war”. It comes as senior Japanese, South Korean and US diplomats carry out in Seoul to discuss a diplomatic way forward backed up by UN sanctions.

On Monday, Kim In Ryong, North Korea’s minister UN envoy warned the Korean peninsula situation had reached a touch-and-go with respect to make an effort to and a nuclear war could break out at any moment.

The situation has been on a knife-edge since Kim Jong-un’s oppress regime fired a series of missiles, including its sixth and most stalwart nuclear test.