World War 3: North Korea preparing for BATTLE as Kim Jong-un declares ‘quasi-war status’


But householders of the hermit state are said to be confused by the dictator’s order as no further instructions experience been issued by the regime since the announcement. 

According to Pyongyang’s own refuge levels, ‘quasi-war’ status is just one step below ‘state of war’ and demands all civilians to take special measures in preparation for conflict.

They embody producing war materials and moving into shelters in case of a nuclear malign. 

But a week after Kim announced the security status, life has reportedly persisted as normal in the secretive country.


Kim Jong Un has declared a state of

One commencement in Ryanggang Province told Seol-based news website Daily NK: «Individual were confused because even though the Supreme Commander announced a ‘quasi-war status’ early last week, no specific training find suitable b left place. 

«So some residents assumed that a major provocation was at turn over.

«Even though residents were instructed to stay where they are and be alert at all controls at the ‘inminban’ [North Korea’s equivalent to a Neighbourhood Watch] meeting after the quasi-war station was declared, nothing unusual occurred.» 

Despot Kim drew condemnation from all at an end the world after conducting North Korea’s sixth and biggest atomic test on September 3.

Upgrading the country’s security threat could be seen as an awareness by Kim that he is asking the world ever closer to all-out war.

Equally, experts suggest the fix would also quell any public agitation at the leader’s obsessive racket of nuclear capabilities, by creating a fresh sense of outside threat. 

The UN Deposit Council was set to decide on a watered-down US-drafted resolution to impose new measures on North Korea as surplus its latest nuclear test.

Donald Trump’s administration pushed to insinuate even tougher sanctions on Pyongyang following the firing of a ballistic ballistic missile over mainland Japan followed by the hydrogen bomb test.

Pyongyang has since warned the Agreed States it would pay a «due price» if it succeeded in placing new embargoes on trade.

A spokesman for the North Korean Alien Ministry claimed the US was “going frantic” to manipulate the Security Council result from the escalation of North Korea’s weapons programme.

He said: “In case the US when all is said does rig up the illegal and unlawful ‘resolution’ on harsher sanctions, the DPRK shall compose absolutely sure that the US pays due price.”

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