World War 3 alert: US Senate attempts to curb Trump’s nuclear strike capability


Both Republicans and Democrats in the Undertaking have raised questions over the US President’s “fire and fury” way with words against North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un as the sabre rattling and asperses are traded between Washington and Pyongyang.

Under the US President’s current powers no one can inhibit Mr Trump from launching a nuclear strike on any country and many people in the Senate reverence a knee-jerk reaction from Mr Trump could trigger the red button and start a atomic war.

Republican Tennessee Senator Bob Corker said in a statement: “This confabulation is long overdue,” as the announcement was made that the Foreign Relations Commission would oversee the debate.

Military experts such as General C Robert Kehler — prior commander of the United States Strategic Command — and Brian McKeon, who served as acting undersecretary for procedure at the US Department of Defence, are expected to take part.

The Senate is to debate the powers the US President has over a nuclear strikeGetty

The US Senate is debating the atomic powers of the US President

Senators are expected to discuss whether they sense Mr Trump is actually fit to be in charge of the country’s nuclear arsenal.

Donald Trump issued a threat to North Korea last week during an address to South Korea’s Governmental Assembly in the capital Seoul. He said: “Do not underestimate us. And do not try us.

“Every step you lead down this dark path increases the peril you face

“America does not beg conflict or confrontation, but we will never run from it.”

The US President has the power to non-sequential a nuclear strike without having to seek approval from military band leaders or lawmakers.

Former Vice-President Dick Cheney said in December 2008: “The President doesn’t procure to check with anybody. He doesn’t have to call the Congress. He doesn’t contain to check with the courts.”

If Mr Trump did decide to launch an attack on North Korea, practises predict he would first hold an emergency conference with the shelter secretary, Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman and other advisers previous to being briefed by the commander of US Strategic Command.

He would then show his authorisation using the nuclear football and security codes that he was donne after being sworn into office. The codes are unique to him and restricted on a small card known as the biscuit, which is kept on the President at all eras.

US President Donald Trump in WashingtonEPA

The Senate is due to look at the powers the US President has for issuing a nuclear strike

Kim Jong-un in North KoreaGetty

North Korea’s numero uno Kim Jong-un

Once they are punched in, experts say the order would then be sent to the Pentagon and Tactical Command for launch.

North Korea’s media outlet KCNA recently ended its latest threat to the the US saying nuclear war could break out at any moment due to the “imprudent” actions of the US.

It said: “The situation of the Korean peninsula is now on the worst phase of tenseness in which a nuclear war may break out any moment due to the US reckless moves for aggression on the DPRK.

“The finger-puppet warmongers, keen on the moves to provoke a war, escalating the tension in collusion with foreigners, are harassers of peace and traitors to the nation who can never be allowed to go scot-free.

“The military cause act of the puppet forces going helter-skelter with the backing of their professional is a suicidal act of digging their own graves.”

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