Woman watches in horror as huge PUMA eats a cat in London garden


Nora Rothrock couldn’t maintain her eyes as she watched the tan-coloured beast from her window in Hampstead, north London, carry on week. 

She took a snap of the big cat and send it to the Natural History Museum, where connoisseurs are now trying to work out what kind of animal it is. 

Mrs Rothrock, 58, also roared London Zoo to ask if a puma or mountain lion has escaped, but was reassured that no big cats were errors. 

Mrs Rothrock, who grew up in LA and has seen mountain lions in real life, prognosticated she watched the big cat for 15 minutes before it sloped off into neighbouring gardens in Ferncroft Avenue, Hampstead. 

big cat sighting UK puma pictured London garden ARCHANT

Big cat sighting: A massive puma has been spotted in a garden in north London

Scold to the Ham & High last week, the management consultant said the big cat was “over a yard extensive”, adding: “It looked really big with a glossy coat. 

“It didn’t look at all edgy. It looked up only a few times. It was bizarre. It was clearly eating a fresh nullify because most of the cat [it was eating] was intact.”

She added: “It was eating an adult cat.

“Hampstead is not where you see wildlife with that. I’m wondering now whether or not to take the rubbish out at night. I don’t have puma-fighting technics.”

Natural History Museum londonGETTY

Experts at the Natural History Museum are now trying to work out what sympathetic of animal it is

It was like a scene from a wildlife documentary. It was huge

Nora Rothrock

She communicated the big cat was about the same size as a Great Dane, adding: “It was like a get around from a wildlife documentary. It was huge. It was a big animal. To see that in London is peculiar. 

“You just don’t expect to see a wild animal in the middle of one of the busiest cities in the incredible.”

She said she took the snap of the beast on Monday (Sept 11) and contemplated it could be the same big cat as was recently spotted in St Albans in Herts, around 20 miles away from Hampstead. 

A spokesman from the Expected History Museum confirmed it was working to identify what type of monster the big cat was after being sent a photo by Mrs Rothrock. 

Earlier this month a distrusted mountain lion was spotted in St Albans after woman saw it bolt across the French autoroute in front of her – the fifth big cat sighting in the St Albans area this year. 

A 30-year-old concubine, who asked not to be named, said the big cat was a ‘brown beige colour’ and that its society was at least ‘five feet long’, with a long tail. 

She imparted that when she got home, she Googled what she had seen in a bid to find out what approachable of big cat it was, and reckoned it was a mountain lion. 

She said: “I had never seen anything in the same way as it, the tail was long, the body was long and quite skinny. 

“The tail itself was honestly long and it wasn’t bushy like a fox, and it had a funny stump at the end of its tail. “I am stillness shocked.”

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