Woman faces jail for iron attack on 'sugar daddy' pensioner


Gordon Smooth, 79, offered Samantha Butler, 40, cash to «help her out a bit» after encounter her in his local pub.

When they got back to his flat in Crystal Palace, south-east London, she in a minute hit him over the back of the head and vowed to kill him, he said.

She went on to bruise him with a picture frame, throttle him with an electrical cable and over brand him with his iron.

Butler admitted causing Mr Bland’s envelops, which included bleeding on the brain, but denied trying to kill him and contended the iron must have fallen on him.

A jury at the Old Bailey deliberated for small than an hour to find Butler not guilty of attempted murder but ashamed of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

The court condoned Butler had 35 previous convictions for 91 offences including thievery, assaulting a police officer and child cruelty.

Giving evidence, Mr Uninteresting said he met Butler for the first time on July 9 2016 at a pub called the Princess Albert where he was a regular customer.

He drank four pints, on top of two he had consumed earlier, and slow-down up conversation with Butler who was sitting on the stool next to him, jurors were berated.

Mr Bland said the topic of sex «was not directly spoken about» and he denied the proposition by Butler’s lawyer that he was «all over her» at the bar.

He said that sex was mentioned in that he reviewed with her «a sort of Sugar Daddy arrangement».

Mr Bland said he bid to «help her out a bit» with her rent, adding: «I said she could have what I had on me, which was with regard to £40.»

When they arrived at his one-bedroom flat, he said he was hit on the back of the nut and attacked by Butler with items lying around his home, listing an iron.

The attack, which went on for about an hour, caused a series of harms to his head, shoulders, torso, legs and arms, which included heterogeneous iron-shaped burn marks and bruising, jurors were told.

Butler discussed the victim’s account and claimed she passed out fully clothed in his living cubicle quarters only to wake up in her pants and bra, with Mr Bland also undressed on the sofa.

Butler charged jurors that she was «scared» and said: «I was screaming, asking where my outfits are, throwing things at him — the remote control that was on the side.»

She told jurors that she picked up an iron and the advertisement «went flying» and hit the pensioner.

The defendant denied plugging in and pushing a bitter iron into Mr Bland’s body, or threatening to kill him.

She told jurors that the iron, which enter into the pictured to have caused multiple burn marks on his body, «must fool fell on him while he was on the floor».

Prosecutor Ian McLoughlin queried whether the iron could by any chance have fallen on him «again and again and again».

Butler, of St Aubyns Avenue, Upper Norwood, south London, denied attempted murder and lamentable bodily harm with intent. But during the trial, she entered a rueful plea to grievous bodily harm.

She will be sentenced later.

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