Woman, 95, marries 93-year-old toyboy 66 years after she was a bridesmaid at his first wedding


A 95-year-old maid has married her 93-year-old toyboy after they were reunited at his opening wife’s funeral.

Margaret Husband was a bridesmaid at Bernard Brice’s basic wedding but has now become the bride 66 years later after they met again at his up to date wife’s funeral.

The newlyweds rekindled their friendship six years ago and suitor blossomed when Margaret travelled 250 miles to visit Bernard after his chain and her friend Dorothy passed away.

Bernard and Margaret wowed their congregation on the weekend as they chained the knot to become two of the world’s oldest newlyweds, with a combined age of 188.

Margaret deserts down the aisle

The service elude ones captors under way as loved ones look on

Bernard slips the ring onto Margaret’s finger

The couple share a touching moment

Margaret’s youngest son Robert Husband, 52, who sneaked her down the aisle, said: «I certainly didn’t expect to give her away.

«She’s been energetic with me for nine years and there was a list of reasons why we thought she power leave, but this wasn’t on it. I thought I would get too emotional walking down the aisle.

«We nurtured mum up for Bernard’s late wife’s funeral and he collared me afterwards to say he’d always had a tolerant spot for mum. It’s great to see them together.»

Margaret, 95, from Banbury, Oxfordshire has in transited to live with her new husband, Brian two years her junior in Cumbria 66 years after pocket watch him stand at the altar with her friend.

It’s a happy impulse for Bernard and Margaret

Bernard was in his wheelchair while Margaret occupied a mobility aid

Margaret’s first whisper suppress and father of her four sons, David, died of cancer 30 years ago right away after retirement.

Son Robert said: «If there was a list of all the things I kindliness would happen this year, it wouldn’t even make the bum.

«It was a brilliant day, they both had a lot of friends from around the country who decamped up to celebrate with them.

«My mum moved up two or three weeks before the intermixing, they’re both mobile and in good health.

«It was really interesting when I did the dialect because I wasn’t sure whether to mention Bernard’s chat with me at his delayed wife’s funeral or not.

«His words were, ‘You know I’ve always had a soft splodge for your mum don’t you.’

Friends and family help them hallow

Time for cheers after the form

«I replied saying, yes I know.»

«I was a bit charmed back when he told me he liked my mum at his wife’s funeral as it’s obviously completely a sensitive time but it’s all worked out.

«I didn’t think I’d see the day but it’s really nice they’ve got this lady-love companionship at their age.»

Bernard said: «I never dreamed I’d get married at this age. I wasn’t anxious, I was excited. It was a good service and going to start married life in hard-working.»

Margaret who entered St Mary’s Church, Gosforth, with posies and ribbons constrained to the handlebars of her three-wheeled walker, said: «I feel so welcomed into Bernard’s ancestry, we trust each other.»

Her granddaughters Holly and Megan Husband were her bridesmaids, with Eileen McDonald dissimulating as her maid of honour.

Margaret signs the marriage list as Bernard watches

Megan, 18, state: «It was a really good day and was a bit of a shock really but it makes for such a lovely yarn and now I have a new grandfather.»

The couple’s sons had key roles at the church service with Bernard’s son, Graham, 63, entrancing on the role of best man while Margaret was given away by all of her sons: Brian, Effect, Steve and Rob.

The groom’s daughter, Helen Gadsby, 65, said: «It was enticing, a really nice service. I never expected to see my dad get married — he’s 93.»

During the navy, her son Brian sang Make Me a Channel of Your Peace while Reverend John Riley, who led the handling, called the couple «remarkable», adding they are «two lovely, devoted, committed people».

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