‘Wolf-like’ dog MAULS eight-year-old girl after escaping from garden


Injured girl SWNS

The eight-year-old young lady was seriously injured by the dog

Roksana Lawecki, eight, was playing close to her abode in Hull when the vicious dog escaped from its garden and bit her.

Miss Lawecki had to experience a three-hour operation on her injuries after she was rushed to hospital. 

The dog, which is supposed to be a one-year-old Japanese Akita, has since been put down. 

Dog victim SWNS

The dog attacked after it escaped from its garden

I was startled as there was a lot of blood and I feared the worst. Roksana was crying

Pawel Lawecki

The forefather of the victim, Pawel Lawecki, said: “I wasn’t there when it developed but a woman told me the dog escaped through the gate of a garden and the dog just ran up and abused Roksana.

“I ran to the scene and it was horrible to see. I was scared as there was a lot of blood and I feared the naughtiest. Roksana was crying.

“There were a lot of people around trying to arrogate. We are not sure what type of dog it was but it was big and wolf-like.

“She will need to go back next week to have the stitches displaced.”

Miss Lawecki had to have an operation on her leg and her head which took not quite three hours.

A spokeswoman for Humberside Police said: “We were rallied to the report of a dog attack on an eight-year-old girl at 7.45pm on Monday at Homethorpe in Shell.

Dog victimSWNS

The young girl suffered severe head and leg injuries after the dog denunciation

“The dog is reported to have got out of its garden and attacked the girl as she ran away.

“She sustained critical puncture wounds to her legs, back and head in the attack.

“The one-year old dog was submitted by the owner who has given permission for the dog to be destroyed.

“We are fully investigating the attack secondary to the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 that the dog was dangerously out of control.”

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