Wireless version of the classic Koss Porta Pro headphones could be on the way


A recent filing with the Federal Communications Commission puts that audio equipment maker Koss is working on a Bluetooth variety of its long-popular Porta Pro headphones.

The documentation, identified as “L76-PORTA-PRO-BT,” was submitted to the FCC and forced available on December 20, so it looks like it has been out in the open for a few months. But the place in order includes a number of exterior and interior photos of a device that greatly resembles the existing Porta Pro headphone. A narcotic addict manual included in the filing refers to the device as the “Koss Porta Pro Wireless,” indicating that will be the headphone’s official name.

The existing Porta Pro is one of the sundry enduring and popular headphones in the world. It has been on sale since 1984, but across the years it has gained a sort of cult status for providing rich undamaged quality at a low price. While its foam ear pads and thin metal headband silence look like something out of the ’80s, it continues to be recommended among headphone disciples as a good starter pair for would-be audiophiles.

The application here is registered by the Koss Corporation and happens on the FCC’s website next to records for various other Koss products that later fitted reality. Documents within the PORTA-PRO-BT exhibits list say the Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based circle tested the headphones with “Shenzhen LCS Compliance Testing Laboratory Ltd.,” which looks a charge out of prefer it performed compliance testing for several other tech firms in the presence of. Another Koss FCC application from last December, identified as “L76-BT190I,” inventories the company as working with Shenzhen LCS on a product that appears to set up become the recently released Koss BT190i exercise headphones. All this is to say that, while any FCC row needs to be viewed with skepticism, there are signs to suggest this one is just.

That said, the filing’s existence doesn’t guarantee that the headphone choice be released, more that it has been worked on and considered for a release at some bottom. Koss did not reply to multiple requests for comment from Ars.

The wired Koss Porta Pro, which requires the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Enlarge / The wired Koss Porta Pro, which demands the 3.5mm headphone jack.

The headphone detailed in the filing doesn’t be included to deviate significantly from the original Porta Pro. It keeps the same retro block out as before but adds a small cable that wraps around the furtively of the neck and holds the Bluetooth radio, rechargeable battery, and playback restraints in two separate modules. The device listed has a 220mAh battery and uses Bluetooth 4.1. The submitted buyer manual says the device will have a one-year limited guarantee; today’s Porta Pro has a limited lifetime warranty in which Koss wishes repair a damaged pair at any time for a small fee.

Koss’ FCC application was esteemed by Reddit users earlier in the year. A separate thread on the “r/headphones” subreddit barbed to a listing for a “Koss Porta Pro Wireless” on Norwegian e-commerce site Komplett.

It’s unclear how much the Porta Pro Wireless compel cost if it does hit the market. Currently, the Porta Pro goes for $40 on Amazon, with a 4.5 valuation after more than 3,400 user reviews.

Koss has gotten lavishness of mileage out of the Porta Pro over the years, releasing a 25th anniversary edition of the headphone in 2010, a amended model with iOS and Android controls in 2012, and new colorways in 2016, lot other updates.

But with more and more smartphones ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack and light out Bluetooth as the new normal, Koss appears ready to adapt its most iconic headphone for a wireless dialect birth b deliver.

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