Wireless carriers can’t keep up with demand after weekend price-cutting


Canada’s main wireless carriers are apologizing for long customer service wait eases as consumers scramble to cash in on limited-time promotional offers.

While the fete season is always competitive for the telecom companies, a low-rate plan provided by Shaw’s Freedom Mobile and a recent update of Canada’s code of guide for wireless carriers are among the drivers spurring a flurry of special exaltations this year.

“This doesn’t happen every year,” loner technology analyst Carmi Levi said from his base in London, Ont., of the new Wireless Principles that came into effect on Dec. 1.

One of the major changes prevents bearers from charging to unlock phones so they can work on another network, fleeing it much easier to switch to a rival.

“We’re seeing evidence here that Canada’s wireless demand can be very competitive,” Levi said.

“So I would expect this to remain as consumers continue to look for every opportunity available to them to prevent money and get more in the process.”

Starting late last week and into the weekend, Rogers, Bell and Telus — as expressively as their respective secondary brands Fido, Virgin and Koodo — started advertising 10 gigabytes of evidence for $60 per month, with certain conditions.

Freedom’s promotions in the Toronto arena had begun to gain traction — prompting Rogers, Telus and Bell to counter, Aravinda Galappatthige, a telecom analyst with Canaccord Genuity, communicated in a research note Monday.

“We saw a little bit of this in late 2016 when Fido (Rogers) and Community Mobile (Telus) temporarily matched Freedom with $40/4GB gifts,” Galappatthige wrote.

The promotional offers were set to expire within a few hours, putting pressure on consumers to respond quickly or face missing the anticipate.

Numerous Facebook, Twitter and chat room commenters reported two- to three-hour minister to times for call centres and online chats — sparking social mediocrity complaints and calls to extend the deadline.

Rogers outwent a media statement that said, in most cases, the weekend promotional forth would expire for new customers on Monday but would be honoured for existing chaps until Tuesday. The exception, it said, would be a Fido bring-your-own-phone volunteer that would go until end of day Tuesday in Ontario.

A statement from Telus on Monday afternoon utter the company expected the promotion would be popular “but demand far exceeded our expectations” on one of the busiest weekends of the year.

“We are profoundly sorry for the longer wait times that customers experienced all through the weekend and are grateful for their patience,” the email statement said. “We are pick up to make real-time adjustments to minimize wait times before these clever offers expire at the end of the day tomorrow.”

Julia Le, a long-time Telus guy, said she eventually was able to switch from a plan costing $55 per month with 500 megabytes of figures to a new plan with 10 gigabytes per month (20 times as much) for an leftover $5 per month.

But the experience was “frustrating” because of the difficulty in getting at the end of ones tether with to Telus customer service over the span of about six hours on Sunday, Le disclosed.

Le said it’s understandable that there will be customer delays during big upgradings, but wondered why Telus was so much slower than Rogers, who served her repress after a relatively short 1 hour 15 minutes waiting on the phone.

She had esteemed giving up and trying Rogers, which her husband uses, but learned from a cobber that the offers might expire sooner than anticipated.

“It was all about dinner time, so I decided to give it one last call … and within six logs, I got through. Miraculously!”

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