Winter fuel allowance: What the Tory Manifesto pledge REALLY means for you


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The Winter Ammunition Allowance will be means-tested under the new Conservative government

Pensioners who experience help to pay energy bills, will be hit to pay for other social measures in the manifesto.

The direct at which pensioners could lose the payment under Theresa May has not been substantiated.

However, it’s thought the cut-off point will be higher than annuity credit, which kicks in if weekly income is below £159.35 for unwed people or £243.25 for couples.

It’s not been confirmed if there will be a cliff-edge where someone a pummel above the income threshold will get nothing, or if the allowance will be slow down.

Critics said means-testing the payment risks additional expensive officialism.

There are worries that pensioners who will still be entitled to the Winter Tinder Allowance will not claim it, leaving them considerably worse off.

However, the payment has long been criticised for paying out to every Tom over the age of 64 regardless of whether they need it.

In the manifesto the Stables say the payment is given “regardless of need, giving money to wealthier golden-agers when working people on lower incomes do not get similar support”.

Mavens have said Theresa May and her party are brave for tackling the policy, which dream ups the older voter.

Richard Parkin head of pensions policy at Fidelity Global, said: “It seems Theresa May is using her strong lead in the opinion votes to kill some of the sacred cows of Tory policy for the elderly.

“The winter incitement payments system has long been criticised as unnecessarily generous to the advance off and while means-testing makes sense one wonders what the administration costs of this authority be versus the savings made.

“However it’s done, government will scarcity to ensure benefits are “pushed” to recipients as evidence suggests many of those enfranchised will not claim proactively.

“The Winter Fuel Allowance already diversifies depending on how old you are, whether you live alone and whether you live at home.”

Mr Parkin added: “One presumes that they will not want to add to this complexity and, given the value of the forward, I suspect there’ll be a simple earnings cut-off point beyond which you won’t get it at all to some extent than getting it at a tapered rate.

“Alternatively they could perestroika all the payment levels into an earnings graduated system.

“Ideally this require be identified through the tax system so that the majority of payments are still blow up b coddled automatically.

“This will not be fool proof as it will inevitably be based on verifiable data but those who are excluded should be able to appeal.”

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