Windsor Conservatives resign in royal wedding ‘begging’ row


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Two Tory councillors have released from the party in protest after a council leader called for rough sleepers to be cleared in advance of the royal wedding in May.

Simon Dudley, leader of the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead, had implied beggars could show Windsor in an “unfavourable light” when Prince Harry intermixes Meghan Markle.

He won a no-confidence vote on Monday.

Paul Brimacombe and Asghar Majeed before you can say Jack Robinson resigned from the council’s Conservative group.

The pair will last as independents.

They said in a joint statement: “It was not considered appropriate… to wholeheartedly contest with the will of the group on this fundamental issue and yet to remain within the unit.”

Mr Dudley made his initial remarks about tackling “aggressive ask for” in a letter to the local Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) but has since claimed his criticisms were misconstrued.

The leader of the Conservative-controlled authority said he was referring to anti-social conduct not homelessness.

Mr Dudley survived a no-confidence vote held by the council’s Middle-of-the-roader group.

It is expected the opposition group within the council will try to oust him with a no-confidence vote on January 29.

“At no point have I voted ‘move on the homeless’,” Mr Dudley told the BBC, before apologising if he was not “leap enough in my communication”.

The prime minister is among those who disagreed with Mr Dudley’s judges, saying that councils “should work with police” to certify accommodation is provided for homeless people.

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