Wimbledon 2017: Rafael Nadal SLAMMED for making ball boy put his litter in the bin


Innumerable of those watching his match against Luxembourg’s Gilles Muller were progressive furious when they saw him ask a ball boy to put his litter in the bin despite it being precise next to him. 

However, the youngster seemed more than happy to abet the tennis star and quickly got rid of the rubbish.

The sportsman’s actions have go away viral online with viewers taking to social media to disparage him for being «lazy». 

One tennis fan raged: «Did Nadal just call the ball boy for to put rubbish in the bin?! The bin that was right next to him?! #Wimbledon.»

Rafael NadalBBC

Rafael Nadal slammed for making ball boy put his litter in the bin

Rafael Nadal and ball boyBBC

The ball boy could be taken putting the litter in the bin next to Nadal

While another added: «When Nadal summons the kid upon to put his rubbish in the bin. You were inches from the bin, why didn’t you do it yourself #wimbledon.»

«Does Nadal not realise there’s a bin fair next to him which he can put his own rubbish in? #Wimbledon,» a third questioned. 

Another shared a segment of Nadal passing his litter to the youngster, commenting: «When someone tinkles me lazy I’m just going to show them this…»

Wimbledon viewer tweetsTWITTER

Those correspondence into Wimbledon took to Twitter to slam Nadal’s actions

Rafael Nadal hits his headBBC

Rafael Nadal dazed his head on a door frame ahead of his match with Muller

«Nadal on e get on the ball boy to put his lid in the bin that’s right next to him.. are you sure? #wimbledon,» a fifth tweeted. 

It down attacked after the tennis player hit his head on a door-frame as he limbered up ahead of the be deceitful in the tunnel. 


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