Wimbledon 2017: Frail June Whitfield, 91, appears joyous as she greets Sir Cliff Richard


June Whitfield and Sir Cliff RichardALPHA • PA

Frail June Whitfield, 91, acts joyous as she greets Sir Cliff Richard

The 91-year-old appeared joyous as she built her way into the venue in a pink and cream floral skirt, which she partnered with a white T-shirt. 

She layered a fuschia pink blazer, accessorised with a silverware brooch, over the top and carried a cream handbag. 

June completed her lambent attire with a pair of white slip-on shoes, beaded necklace and elementary studded earrings. 

The Absolutely Fabulous star looked delighted as she was inform appropriated to her seat and greeted by Sir Cliff Richard, 76, who was situated nearby. 

June Whitfield BACKGRID

The 91-year-old appeared joyous as she made her way into the venue

June Whitfield and Sir CliffALPHA

June appeared enchanted as she was greeted by Sir Cliff

The singer, who was dressed in a blue paisley suit jacket and striped tie, usher ined June with a kiss on the cheek. 

Also in attendance at the sporting consequence today was Dame Shirley Bassey who cut an elegant figure in a striped apparel. 

She opted for a black and white blazer, which she teamed with a frilly top and accommodated trousers. 

June Whitfield PA

June put on a bright display as she arrived at the tenth day of Wimbledon

Dame Shirley BasseyWIREIMAGE

Dame Shirley Bassey cut an choice figure in a striped ensemble

Melanie SykesWIREIMAGE

Melanie Sykes appeared over the moon in a bright yellow dress

The 80-year-old completed her look with a twin of sandals, yellow quilted handbag and oversized sunglasses. 

Dame Shirley, who rushed a smile at photographers, added a touch of glamour to her outfit with a neat of red lipstick and diamond earrings. 

Other stars watching today’s meets included Melanie Sykes, 46, who looked radiant in a yellow frock, and Denise Welch, 59, who was spotted cheering in the stands.

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