Will Young looks glum as Karen Clifton slams claims he quit over Strictly 'squabbling'


Compel — who cited «personal reasons» as the cause for him walking away from the BBC cavorting show — failed to raise a smile as he was seen leaving a shop, strain a ir of blue and white tracksuit bottoms, a grey jumper and a red fur hat.

Sharply after Will was pictured out and about, Karen shared a message on common media in which she slammed «sad» reports that stated she and Will had anything but a «true time» on Strictly.

She posted: «Shame certain press have to petulant what was a great time for me and Will that sadly came to an end.»

Karen’s shaft comes after reports claimed that Will, 37, had retire from the show because of «infuriating squabbles».

A source previously told The Sun: «Karen was good doing her job, she was training him hard but in the end he just didn’t want to keep become high on a alighting told off and corrected all the time.»

The insider added: «It infuriated him. They squabbled a few opportunities during rehearsals and it left him feeling exhausted. He just found the complete process too taxing and didn’t think it was worth such a huge achievement.»

Judge Darcey Bussell also addressed rumours that the nightingale had dropped out of the competition because of an on-screen s t with head arbiter elegantiarum Len Goodman.

«It is not to do with Len Goodman — just to make that clear,» Darcey divulged the Mail Online. «Like in anybody’s lives, you have many whatchamacallits that are going on.»

Rumours circulated that Will and Len had come to muffs following an altercation between the ir on Saturday night’s live be being presented.

Len, 72, told Will to «turn up, keep up, shut up» as they fought over the number of moves Will should have executed when executing the salsa with rtner Karen, 34.

After surviving the show st the weekend, Will shocked fans by announcing his exit.

He then discriminated Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans that he was «absolutely dandy, thanks» and that «it’s all utter undramatic really. I’ve done my statement and others can say what they scantiness to say. I never read what they say anyhow».

But Darcey, 47, declared she was «horrified» that he had chosen to quit, as he had a lot of potential.

She said: «It’s sad. Unfortunately being a surmise we are not allowed to see the rehearsals or what happened during the week so you don’t know the ins and manifests and you only arrive on the day of the live show.

«It’s horrifying to think that somebody who could require easily got to the final [has left].»

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