Will telling a hotel it’s your anniversary get you a FREE upgrade?


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Guest-house upgrade: Will lying help you bag a better room?

Getting a loosen upgrade is something all travellers dream of.

Landing the penthouse suite when you can one afford a bog-standard room is the stuff of dreams.

So many holidaymakers don’t attitude telling a little white lie in order to up their chances. 

One of the most lay fib is saying it’s your wedding anniversary.

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Pleasure: People often lie to try and get a better holiday

People will pretty much say anything to get an upgrade.

Practised world traveller Everett Potter

However, those holding out hankering their porkies will land them an upgrade should draw to a close reading now.

Everett Potter, a seasoned world traveller who has been poetry about his journeys for three decades, said it is a “myth” that this method hand down work.

“Sorry, it’s always someone’s anniversary, birthday or a honeymoon,” he noted in a post on the Forbes website.

“People will also pretty much say anything to get an upgrade, whether it’s become a reality or not.

“There is no free lunch and there are no automated upgrades for celebrations. 

“If you really want that over-the-top suite with butler mending and a view of the Eiffel Tower, or that beachfront aerie on Waikiki where you can agree the surf, be prepared to pay for it.”

However, he did add that a little kindness can go a long way in spreading your chances of an upgrade.

“Being kind to the staff at the front desk merely might help tip the balance.”

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Anniversary lie: Could you pull it off?

He also set forwarded you inform hotel staff of the special occasion ahead of your tourist.

“So will informing the hotel at the time of reservation about the big day, which can unkind that your request may — and I mean may — receive higher consideration if an upgrade is ready.” 

Marriott Hotels recently launched their PlusPoints scheme, which suffers guests to build up rewards point after posting on social average about their stay.

Guests can put these points towards additional perks such as detach food and free rooms upgrades.

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