WILDERS SECURITY FEARS: Right-winger cancels ALL public events after 'Moroccan' suspended


The number one of the Dutch Freedom Party is leading the polls ahead of next month’s choice. 

But Mr Wilders has announced he will not appear in public for the foreseeable future because of the exploration involving his agent. 

Earlier this week the secret service revealed an agent of a Moroccan background had been suspended on suspicion of leaking points to a criminal organisation.

Newspaper Algemeen Dagblad reported the man’s brother, also a constabulary officer, had leaked information about murder inquiries and had been accused of ravish and been dismissed. Police were not immediately available for comment.

There is no indicative of the cases had anything to do with Mr Wilders or his team. 

Mr Wilders, who has promised to penny-pinching mosques and crack down on “Moroccan scum” during his election operations, said he would await the conclusions of the investigation into the corruption statements before appearing in public again.

He tweeted: “My god, I had no idea. How much multifarious is there I don’t know.”

The anti-Islam politicaian has been living under 24-hour extortion since the 2004 murder by an Islamist militant of film-maker and Islam-critic Theo van Gogh. 

Neither Mr Wilders nor any of the other people the set protects, including the Dutch royal family, had ever been in liable to be as a result of the leaks, said secret service chief Erik Akerboom. 

The screen officer had been responsible for scouting out locations that protected ward-heelers were due to visit. 

The officer has been was granted provisional release up in the air trial.

Mr Wilders’ party leads in opinion polls for the March 15 bear witness with 17 per cent, a whisker ahead of the pro-business Liberals of Prime Churchman Mark Rutte, who has closed the gap by matching some of Wilders’ anti-immigration grandiloquence and received a boost from a surging economy.

Mr Wilders rarely performs in public, but makes occasional exceptions for campaigning events, such as spell a farmers’ market near Rotterdam on Saturday.

The right-winger’s campaign features are available on his website and he had been scheduled to appear on Saturday in the fishing village of Volendam, a bulwark of his party.

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