Wife’s hilarious rant of ‘non-stop moaning Victor Meldrew’ husband on holiday


 Victor MeldrewREX/GETTY

A helpmate has took the the internet to rant about her real-life Victor Meldrew soothe

The sun shone, the sand on the beach was golden, cocktails awaited as night strike down.

Yet to her consternation her husband morphed into TV grump Victor Meldrew – famed for his bitching catchphrase “I don’t believe it!” – the moment he stepped off the plane. 

Writing on website REX

Prizewinner Meldrew on holiday as played by Richard Wilson

Not only husbands well-sprang trouble. Babycham Socialist said her mother complained there was no copy at the Spanish Steps in Rome.

Another poster’s friend asked the hack driver what the shops were like at Pompeii, the city absorbed beneath volcanic ash 2,000 years ago.

Some took drastic not consonant withs.

HighlyCompetentExWife said: “I am cheering myself for divorcing the husband in time for the recess season.”

MCamp10 came up with tongue-incheek suggestions for being the entire wife, including “staying awake all night sponging him down with brazen water and peeling his grapes”. 

 Mediterranean islandGETTY

The clashing couple had been reinforcing on a Mediterranean island

But danTDM spoke up for men sweltering in the heatwave currently holding southern Europe “You have a tricky husband, but it is bloody hot at the moment,” he wrote.

“If he was preggers 27C he got 47C (116F). It’s hideous.»

Victor MeldrewGETTY

The wife claimed her husband constantly whimpered about the 47C (116F) heat

And Lolabee said: “The chocolate is a perfectly sensible complaint. A lot of foreign stuff is well……pants.”

Finally, IFinishedTheBiscuits disclosed that women can be grumps too.

“This is me and my DH. Except I’m the miserable one,” she wrote. 

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