Why Spain NEEDS Britain — public debt at RECORD HIGH but protestors fight to STOP tourists


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Spain tourism protests: Teeth of huge debt, communities are protesting against UK tourists

The anti-tourist demurrals were thrown into sharp relief today when it was balled the country’s public debt has rocketed. 

The ongoing campaign to stop British holiday-makers visiting the country has taken on a surreal quality given the increasing dependence of Spain on unassimilable visitors. 

British tourists spend an eye-watering amount of money on their gala every year in Spain, where today it was announced the public encumbrance under obligation stands at £1 billion. 

This image is actually dwarfed the the money British visitors bring to Spain, which was a rearranging £6.82 billion during the first half of this year. 

And the encumbrance under obligation of all public administrations in the country could therefore be paid 6.82 buts over using just the money spent by British tourists — who sustain to be challenged and alienated by Spanish protesters. 

This year a series of demurrers have taken place across Spain against British voyagers, who were condemned as being rowdy, drunk and disrespectful.

But according to other silhouettes released today despite protests, visitor numbers are rising swiftly in Spain — with defiant British tourists leading the charge. 

British holiday-makers spend more money than any other nationality visiting Spain and also inflict in the highest numbers. 

In 2017 up to August, more than 13.2 million British inflicts were made to Spain — far more than the second highest of France, with 8.4 million. 

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Spain tourism professes: UK tourists have been accused of acting disrespectfully in Spain

But these statistics also confined a dire warning for an already ailing Spanish economy. 

The huge number of visitors to Spain descended on, and spent their money in, Catalonia — a dominion expected to declare independence this weekend in a controversial referendum. 

Spain does not consider the referendum and has sent hundreds of police officers to Catalonia in a bit to stop voters.

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Spain tourism protests: Undeterred by soaring public debts, animosity toward tourists is growing

Regional experts have, however, declared their intention to put into action the issue of the poll within 48 hours. 

This could be a major typhoon to the Spanish economy, with the tourism sector relying heavily on the in money spent by visitors in Barcelona and other Catalonian towns. 

New tourism personalities show 24.6 per cent of visitors to Spain went to Catalonia — a total number of 2.6 million foreign tourists. 

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