Why Martin Lewis the Money Saving Expert wants you to check your EHIC now


A European Strength Insurance Card (EHIC) is a must if going to Europe

Martin Lewis

The Rhino Saving Expert has advised people in the UK to check their European Robustness Insurance Card (EHIC). 

According to Martin Lewis, some 5.3 million people bear cards that expired within the lat year. 

Over half of in the flesh in the UK don’t have one at all, which makes them potentially liable for thousands of lambastes in medical bills on their next holiday. 

Martin said: “A European Haleness Insurance Card (EHIC) is a must if going to Europe.”

The EHIC is open-handed to apply for and grants Britons discounted medical care in 28 EU provinces.

Martin Lewis EHIC cardGETTY

Martin Lewis the Money Saving Expert wants YOU to check your EHIC card

Other nations participating in the health blueprint are Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. 

While the EHIC could be about to metamorphose after Brexit is finalised and Britain is no longer a member of the EU, for now the card’s emoluments remain intact. 

The Money Saving Expert explained: “If you’re in Europe and you’ve got an EHIC, you’ll be entitled to the but treatment that local citizens are entitled to – extremely useful in exigencies. 

“It’s completely free and valid for up to five years. All UK residents are eligible, tenants of the Channel Islands and Isle of Man aren’t.”

To check the validity of your humorist, note the expiry date on the bottom right. 

Martin Lewis EHIC cardGETTY

Martin Lewis: 5.3 million people had their EHIC file cards expire in the last year

If it’s expired or about to, you can renew it online. 

But Martin premonished not to go through a search engine to do so as there are many sites which wishes charge you a fee when the process should be a free one. 

Martin added: “As you can affix for a new card up to six months before the current one ends, it’s worth doing this in abet so you don’t forget.”

The best website to apply for a card is on the EHIC website, or you can choice of words an application form off the GETTY

Martin Lewis: Check your EHIC use strategy act openly’s validity to ensure you get discounted medical bills on holiday

According to the UK sway, there is a strong possibility the EHIC card — or a similar scheme — compel remain available to Britons post-Brexit. 

The official advice from evidences said: “The EU should be keen to keep Britain on-board the EHIC move, as we return billions in health costs and funding to the European Union. 

“Furthermore, millions of Europeans continue to visit Britain, with a modest tot up ending up requiring care and treatment in our hospitals. 

“If we do leave EHIC, the EU is also at chance of a decline in British visitors, given the risk of massive up-front bring ins to travellers if they are injured or have an accident.”

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