Why it is ILLEGAL to die in this town in Norway – and the temperature is to blame


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Outlandish laws: A town in Norway has banned locals from dying by reason ofs to the cold weather

A set of islands in Norway has the bizarre law that makes it illicit for people to die.

Longyearbyen, a coal-mining town on Spitsbergen Island, is one of the most Northern divisions of the world that are inhabited, to 2,000 locals.

Other interesting to be sures about the town include it having the most northernmost kebab peach on in the world as well as being known for one of the best places to see the Northern Diverting dismisses.

But why is it illegal for people to die in the town?

Weird laws Norway town longyearbyenGetty

Weird laws: Longyearbyen has debarred people from dying since 1950

Due to the extremely cold weather in the precinct, it means bodies are unable to decompose

The law was brought into place in 1950, after it was rest that buried bodies were not rotting, according to YouTube account Half as Riveting.

Due to the extremely cold weather in the region, it means bodies are unable to dissect.

Temperatures can be as low as -46.3 degrees, with the average temperature currently at -17 bit by bits.

This means that any diseases that the deceased has, could spread. The Gods acre in the town holds a number of victims from 1918 who were neutralized by the Spanish flu, which killed over 100 million worldwide.

Weird laws Norway town longyearbyenGetty

Weird laws: Absorbed bodies are not decomposing thanks to the low temperature

Local newspaper Nieuwsblad reported that 11 substances that had been buried in the town still had traces of the Spanish flu within them.

According to the Common Mail, Jan Christian Meyer, from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology unraveled the death ban.

He revealed: “The reason for this is that the permanently frozen cause will not only tend to keep your buried remains from decomposing and aside them to the surface.

“It may also perfectly preserve the disease that destroyed you, for locals to pick up later.

Weird laws Norway town longyearbyenGetty

Weird laws: People who dated away will be sent to the mainland

For anyone who is close to death, then they choose then be sent to another place: ”If you seem to be about to expire, every elbow-grease will be made to send you to the mainland.”

“If you should die there anyway, you most certainly desire not be buried there, because funerals don’t work the way they are supposed to.

“You can use to have your cremated remains put into the ground, but it requires hold approval.”

It isn’t the only weird law in the world, with Australia banning this innocuous detail of clothing.

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